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Cities, Museum and Soft Power

Includes 32 practical strategies for museums and cities to activate their soft power and create thriving and sustainable communities.

Thirteen of the world's leading museum and cultural experts from six continents explore the many facets of soft power in cities and museums: how it amplifies civic discourse, accelerates cultural change, and contributes to contextual intelligence among the great diversity of city dwellers, visitors, and policy makers. Gail Lord and I urge city governments to embrace museums which so often are the signifiers of their cities, increasing real estate values while attracting investment, tourists, and creative workers.

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Manual of Digital Museum Planning

Practical advice on how digital can enhance and improve all aspects of the museum. 

The Manual of Digital Museum Planning is a comprehensive guide to digital planning, development, and operations for museum professionals and students of museums studies and arts administration. 

With chapters written by experienced professionals working at leading institutions such as the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Bristol Culture, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and others, The Manual of Digital Museum Planning is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide for anyone planning a new museum, a museum expansion, or a new project in the Digital Age. 

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Book: Manual of Museum Learning, 2nd edition, edited by Brad King and Barry Lord- Chapters: Learning To Manage Change,

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AltaMira Press/ Rowman and Littlefield, July 2015

Book: Manual of Museum Exhibitions 3rd edition, ed. Maria Piacente and Barry Lord: 

Chapters: The Distributed Museum

Participative Experiences. AltaMira Press, Toronto, 2014

Article: Making Space, Changing Space: Black People and New Museums”, Nka Journal of Contemporary African Art, November 2016, Duke University Press

Article: “Free Museums”, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Spring 2016

Article: “Le soft power du MEG”, totem, sept-décembre 2015

Article : “Sleeping Giants in Our Midst- activating the “soft power” of museums”, Vienna Art Week magazine, November 2015

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